The circus Spot gurus

(our coaches)

Our team of coaches love teaching, are passionate about circus and are highly skilled circus performers in their own right.

*At The Circus Spot all our coaches have current working with children checks and a minimum level 2 first aid qualification.


Daniel Rabin:
head honcho

Daniel is the Chief Executive Clown (i.e. founder and director) of The Circus Spot, with a vision that every child in Australia should be able to show off at least one circus trick! He’s slowly getting there too, having taught over 5,000 kids and adults circus skills over the last 10 years.

He is a typical circus geek, always dreaming up new ways to teach a cartwheel, or plotting the next performance for our performing troupes.

Prior to starting The Circus Spot, Daniel has worked in and around circus as a performer, teacher and rigger (the guy that hangs all the trapezes). His signature circus trick was balancing on one leg on a slackrope (like a tightrope, but very loose), and then proceeding to use his spare foot to kick cups and cutlery high in the air to land in a bowl balanced on his head! This cool trick may have taken 4 years to perfect, but gave Daniel a chance to perform with a variety of companies such as Circus Quirkus, ThowDown, Circus Oz, the traditional family circus Circus Royale, Dislocate Physical Theatre and even supporting the rock band The Dresden Dolls.

Otherwise: On the odd occasion Daniel isn’t thinking about everything circus, his time is often spent disagreeing over ownership of the couch with his mate Rudi, a small (but loud) Jack Russel.

Free on Aerial Hoop

Free Coulston:
aerial queen

The driving force behind The Circus Spot’s aerial program, Free is undoubtedly a walking encyclopaedia of aerial skills. Her keen eye for technique has given her a reputation as the most demanding coach at The Circus Spot, so if you are in her class, prepare to be challenged!

Listing the circus acts she’s performed is much like listing the acts in an entire circus show and includes tissu (aerial silks), aerial hoop, double trapeze, acrobalance, and even gumboot dancing. One of her performing highlights is performing for the Queen of Malaysia and alongside Kelly Rowland.

Otherwise: A closet ‘foodie’, Free has a weakness for slow cooked lamb ribs.

Doogs on Trapeze

Sarah “Doogs” McDoogall:
the aerial anti-princess

Originally a volleyballer, Doogs first ventured into the circus world seeking only to learn a backsault for use in punctuating winning points! Amusingly, despite being terrified of heights, aerial work fast became her passion, along with a taste for the hilarious and the absurd!

She loves seeing people transform and share their excitement when they do things they never thought they could. Doogs is always keen to jump in on a student’s impromptu happy dance of success!

Doogs graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2012, specialising in Trapeze, Chains and Hula Hoops.

Otherwise: Is on a mission to live in the weirdest places possible, yep, this includes a morgue.


Phoebe Carlson:
she always brings the smiles

Phoebe began her circus journey in the south of Western Australia playing with dance, theatre and acrobatics. This drove her to relocate to Melbourne and study at the National Institute of Circus Arts where she specialised in hula hoops, corde lisse and acrobatics. Phoebe loves working with all students, children to adults and believes that every one can learn something (even the teachers). In between teaching, Phoebe has performed with multiple independant circus companies around Australia, as well as with Circa contemporary circus in 2015.


Otherwise: Phoebe can be found on a couch, with a fat book and coffee in hand.

Georgia Polson:
nuts about circus

If you ever hear a circus person being referred to as a ‘Fruity’ it doesn’t mean they are a fruit loop, (though in many cases that may also be true), instead it probably means that they grew up attending the Flying Fruit Fly Circus in Albury - a high school where the main subject is acrobatics!

Georgia is a Fruity, though we suspect that she is also a fruit loop too. She started circus training at 12 years old and during her time at the Fruit Fly’s she specialised in Tissu. When she graduated she moved to Melbourne to attend University where she has been studying nursing. She loves that teaching at The Circus Spot keeps circus in her blood, and gives her a chance to pass on her knowledge to our wonderful students. She loves watching kids grow, develop and achieve, as well as seeing adults accomplish skills they thought they never could.

Otherwise: With everything on her plate, it can be hard to keep up with the latest Masterchef / MKR dramas, so she always appreciates it when her students give her a re-cap after class!

anna hula hooping

Anna Fisher: positivity plus

Hailing from Slipstream Circus in the North West of Tasmania, Anna has been training and performing circus for over 10 years. She moved to Melbourne to attend the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2012 and has been a Melbournite ever since.

Hula hooping is her thing, and if you mention her name in hooping circles (pun intended), you are bound to see people swoon with envy.

Otherwise: She loves spending time with her pet blue-tongue lizard, Arnold.


Emily Ryan: no nonsense lady

Emily loves helping students to develop their strength and style, and has been teaching acrobatic tricks since she was 14!

Balancing her love of teaching and a performing career, Emily has captivated audiences around the world with her powerful and striking acts on the German Wheel (kinda like a human sized hampster wheel). Emily’s aerial talents have seen her involved in high harness sway pole work with the company Strange Fruit. Emily is currently working with Cirque Du Soleil at the world expo in Milan, but will return to The Circus Spot later in 2015

Otherwise: Emily is hooked on tea, there’s always some camomile or green tea bags floating in her purse.


Amelia Latham:
dancing queen

Amelia has danced since the age of 3, graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance with Registered Teacher Status. Amelia has been performing since an early age and been involved in stage work, functions and music videos.

She originally became involved with Circus to improve her tumbling skills for dance, however, it didn't take long for her to become hooked, thoroughly enjoying enjoying all aspects of circus!

Amelia loves working with students of all ages and enjoys watching them grow and flourish.


Tara Silcock:

One part crazy, two parts insane

Tara Silcock is a local Coburg girl. Growing up living near Sydney road she knows her kebab shops like she knows her foot-juggling and hula hoops (alot). Tara started circus at the age of 8 days and fell in love with it straight away. Never wanting any other career path (although marine biology was tempting), the night before her first uni exam she was accepted into the bachelor degree at NICA where she is currently finishing her 5th and final year of study!

Tara loves kids "because they are hilarious and say funny stuff that doesn't always make a lot of sense, so they are a lot like me".

Did you know Tara can tie shoe laces with her toes?

Bianca Sciarretta:
Rolla champion, softy at heart

Starting out in a youth circus when she was a teenager, Bianca was that kid who had to try to teach her friends how to do whatever new trick she'd just learnt. So she was a duck to water when she started teaching circus classes.

Her circus speciality is partner acrobatics, (people often stand on her, which makes her a base). Even though Bianca loves coaching people of all ages, she is most inspired by the rapid progress and enthusiasm of her youngest students, especially the 3 - 5 year olds she coaches in the Tiny Tops classes.

Otherwise: When not coaching or doing her own circus training Bianca c be found skating laps and knocking people over at the Victorian Roller Derby League's training facility in Preston. Her team is currently ranked #2 in the world!

Jake Silvestro:

Often described as energetic, determined and creative Jake channels all of these traits into his teaching style. He loves teaching acrobatics and tumbling to all ages. Jake has had years of experience teaching most circus disciplines as well as gymnastics and some art classes! Jake has had to opportunity to teach all over Australia and around the world at lots of youth circus' and festivals. He spent 4 months in the USA teaching circus to kids at a summer camp in Minnesota. That same year Jake got to teach circus to kids at the British International School in Phuket, Thailand. 

Currently Jake is also a circus performer and rigger, working with Casus Circus and running his own company Poncho Circus. He performs tumbling, acro, juggling, hula hoop and Roue Cyr.

Otherwise: Jake has a degree from the School of Art at the Australian National University in drawing and sculpture! and now he has run off to join the circus, don't tell his grandmother. 

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