Adults Classes

Challenge yourself and have fun while improving your fitness.

With a range of classes across different disciplines, you can choose your favorite and train it regularly.

Tissu, Trapeze, Aerial Hoop and Rope

These are four of the most popular aerial apparatus that we teach at The Circus Spot. Each with it’s own unique feel and challenge.

Students who are new to Aerial start in a class called Aerial Basics. This is a term long course where students learn the fundamental skills in Aerial Hoop, Tissu (Aerial Silks) and Trapeze.

To find out more about Aerial Basics, click here to head over to the Aerial Basics page

Tumbling & Handstands

Learn to flip and twist and walk on your hands

Our tumbling sessions will have you flipping and twisting, while handstands will challenge your core strength and shoulder muscles.

Stretch and Pilates

A perfect compliment to circus training

Our matwork pilates classes include a range of active strength and mobility excercises sure to challenge even the most seasoned acrobat.

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