Intro to Aerials

An introductory class in Tissu and Trapeze

Do you want to learn a new skill that not only keeps you fit but is loads of FUN?

Would you like to develop your core strength in an exciting and unique way?

At The Circus Spot you can challenge yourself in a fun and safe environment.

Our Intro to Aerials workshop is a fun and easy way to try your and at some skills on tissu (aerial silks), aerial hoop and trapeze.

During this 90 minute session you will learn the basic climbs and wraps on tissu as well as a some fancy moves on aerial hoop and static trapeze.

To book in, simply fill out your details in the form below or contact us on 9354 7825

*Intro to Aerials is a class for adults (must be over 16 years), if you are interested in a class for kids, please head over here


"I like the way the classes progress and develop your skills, it is the only form of training I have done that uses your entire body. A unique, challenging workout that is enjoyable at the same time"

"Tissu is the quickest, most fun way I have ever found to build and tone upper body and core strength. The Circus Spot is a welcoming and fun place to let the hidden performer in you come out. A dream come true for anyone who, as a kid, dreamt of running away to the circus!"