Aerial Basics

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During your time in Aerial Basics you will learn foundational skills on Tissu (Aerial Silks), Aerial Hoop and Trapeze.

This is the perfect aerial circus class for students with no prior experience.


Participants in Aerial Basics learn skills from our level 1 curriculum which are built apon in our higher level classes.

We have a maximum of 8 students per coach so that you get lots of individual attention. All our coaches are trained with the Circus Training Australia method and are required to do professional development updates every year, ensuring you are receiving the most up-to-date aerial experience possible.

Once you have mastered the level 1 skills, you can enrol into Level 2 – 3 of a relevant aerial specialist class*



Aerial Basics classes run for 1 hour


Age groups

Separate classes are run for Adults and Youth:

  • Adults: 16 and up
  • Youth: 9 – 15 year olds

Primary school students between the ages of 5 and 8 years who want to focus on Aerial skills should enrol in Aerial Prep



Students enrolled in more than one class receive the following discounts:

  • 20% off the price of their second enrolment
  • 40% off the price of their third enrolment
  • 60% off the price of their fourth and any subsequent enrolments

Families with children:

If you have more than one child enrolled, there is a 5% discount for the second and subsequent siblings.



Aerial Basics fees are charged per term and are calculated on the number of scheduled sessions. At $32 per session, the cost of a 10-week term works out to $320.00.

Classes do not run on public holidays – students in effected classes are not charged for those sessions.



*Students must be approved by a coach to enrol in a level 2 class – in the last few weeks of each term, our coaches run in class “check in’s” to asses if a student is ready to move to a higher level class.

If you have prior experience and you would like to enrol in an aerial class Level 2 or higher now – please get in touch via our contact page to book for an Aerial Assessment so we can find the right class for you.