COVID-19 information

It is very important that you read the following information and understand the changes that we have made.

If you have a child under 16 years who is returning to circus, you must also be aware of your responsibilities.

We ask for your understanding and kindness as we implement changes to the way we operate.


A condition of attendance is to adhere to these responsibilities and requirements.

We need YOUR help to keep The Circus Spot a COVID-safe environment

Please follow the capacity signage posted around the building, and in areas such as the waiting area and training space.

The exact number of persons allowed at our venue may change as new regulations and guidelines are announced.

One parent or carer per child may be permitted inside the building on arrangement, but only if necessary, to support the participant.

This will need to be discussed in advance via email at least 24 hours prior to attendance.

Tiny Tops classes have been planned with the expectation that most participants will need a carer present at least at the beginning of class. However, if your child is participating confidently, we ask that you wait outside (or go grab a coffee!) and return at the end of the session.

Arrive on time and ready to train


·      Use the toilet AT HOME before class where possible.

·      Arrive 5 minutes BEFORE the start time of your class.

·      Students arriving earlier than 5 minutes before the start of class must wait outside the building.

·      Students arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be permitted to join in.

Parents: Be prepared for drop off

Have a conversation with your child about what is expected from them. Explain that you are not able to come into the building. Avoiding surprises will make drop off and class participation easier.

Every person will be required to sanitise and sign in before entering the building.


A limited timetable

Classes will be staggered with 10-minute gaps to allow for cleaning of equipment and high use areas.

Equipment and cleaning

All equipment used during class will be sanitised before and after every session. All high touch surfaces are frequently cleaned with a COVID approved sanitizer throughout the day.

Face Masks

  • All people must enter the building already wearing their face masks.
  • Face masks are required to be worn at all times by any individual aged 12 or older.
  • A face mask may only be removed briefly if a student is having difficulty catching their breath during a class.
  • We acknowledge training in a mask will take some adjusting to, but it remains essential in stopping the spread of COVID -19.

During class

Personal items

Students must only bring essential class items into the building.

Drink bottles – must be clearly labelled with the student’s name.

Bags – these should be placed on shelves in the waiting room, please keep contents inside. This includes mobile phones and tablets.

Lost property – any items that are left will be disposed of at the end of each day.

Bikes – Use the bike racks at the front of the building. Do not bring bikes inside.


Physical distance between students will be maintained wherever possible. Classes may be restructured to assist younger children with this change.

Coaches will refrain from any physical spotting, adjustments or corrections. However, any essential safety spotting will be as short as possible or, where able, avoided entirely.

Coaches will continue to avoid contact with all students until safety guidelines allow for spotting between coaches and students.

Aerial classes

Sharing of equipment is not permitted during Aerial classes. Sanitiser and paper towels will be used to clean the aerial gear and landing mats at the end of each session. Students will be required to wipe down their gear as directed by their coach.

Tissu (Aerial Silks)

As Tissu fabric cannot be easily wiped down, each Tissu will be washed before being used by others.

Hand washing

There are 12 sanitiser dispensers throughout the building.

Students may be asked to wash or sanitise their hands during class time. In some cases, we may also ask students to sanitise their feet.

Enrolments, payments and other enquiries

Please get in touch via email or phone. Where possible we intend to keep enrolments and payments online only.


After class

Students must exit the building promptly when class is finished.


Parents: At the end of class, please be ready to collect your child at the front of the building.

Are you feeling ill? Do you suspect your child is unwell?

No matter how minor, if you or your child is feeling sick, you must not come to class. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath

Any person (Students, Parents or Staff) displaying signs of illness at The Circus Spot will be required to leave.

If your child starts to feel unwell or display flu like symptoms during class…

In the event that your child presents with flu-like symptoms they may be asked to move to an isolated area that is supervised by distance until you can return to pick them up. We will of course call you should this happen.

Remember to:

  • Cough or sneeze into your mask or elbow
  • Keep a 1.5m distance
  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Stay home if you feel unwell

A note on returning to activity after a break

Anyone returning to sport and exercise after a period of physical isolation and not exercising regularly may be at an increased risk of injury. Coaches will be applying a graded return to skills to mitigate injury risk so students should expect they will be reviewing skills already known to them, for a period of time before learning new skills.