January 16th – 19th

We are starting 2023 off with a BANG!

4 Days of FREE Circus Activities!


During our January Holiday Program the following sessions are FREE of charge: 


  • Circus 101 (Primary school aged kids)
  • Tiny Tops (2 – 5 year olds)
  • Aerial Prep (5 – 8 year olds)
  • Aerial Basics (9 – 16 year olds)

New to circus?

Our Tiny Tops, Circus 101, Aerial Prep and Aerial Basics sessions are perfect for new students to get a taste of circus skills. These sessions are run in the same style as our term programs. If you have been thinking of trying circus, these sessions introduce your child to skills including Trapeze, Tumbling, Acrobalance, Hula Hoops and more. 

Current student?

Tiny Tops? We’ve got you covered.

Circus 101? We’re running specialty workshops to improve your Cartwheels, Hula Hooping skills and more!

Circus Extra and Circus Up students? Yep! We are running specialty workshops for you too!

Have some experience?

If your child has previously trained at The Circus Spot and is considering returning, these workshops will give them a chance to dip their foot in before committing to enrolling a full term. You can book your child into the same level class they were previously in (please contact us if you aren’t sure).

If your child has trained circus or gymnastics skills elsewhere – please contact us before booking to make sure you have chosen an appropriate session.

Circus 101

Primary aged / Prep – 8 year olds

Students in Circus 101 focus on tumbling (such as forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands), acrobalance (building pyramids) and trapeze skills. All of which are foundational circus techniques. In addition to this we spend time learning the basics of jugging and hula-hoops. The Circus 101 sessions are perfect for newcomers and those with a little more experience.






Kinder aged / 2 – 5 year olds

Tiny Tops sessions are designed to develop the participants physicality, co-ordination, agility, and strength. Classes incorporate obstacle courses, games and play as well as real circus tricks!


Aerial Prep

Primary aged / Prep – 8 year olds

This 50 minute class is for primary school children up to 8 year olds interested in learning aerial basics, suitable for all fitness levels. A preparation class for Trapeze, Aerial Hoop and Tissu, designed to build strength and confidence with a focus on fun, technique and tricks. Suitable for budding aerialists with an eye on specialisation in the future.





Circus Extra & Circus Up

5 – 16 year olds

If your child is currently enrolled in or has been invited to join either Circus Extra or Circus Up in Term 1, they can jump into these sessions.