Challenge yourself by learning circus skills

Aerial classes at The Circus Spot are goal oriented and fun

Not only will you get stronger and more flexible, learning circus skills will challenge your beliefs of what your body is capable of. Training at The Circus Spot is positive and social, we encourage supported risk taking, and champion effort – both physical and mental.


Smash your fitness goals without the boredom

Our aerial classes include three different disciplines – Tissu (aka Aerial Silks), Trapeze and Aerial Hoop. Each apparatus is a unique challenge. Training Tissu is perfect for building your upper body and grip strength, Aerial Hoop will work your flexibility, while Trapeze is a great combination of both.



The only pre-requisite is determination and a positive attitude

Those with no previous aerial experience start in a class called Aerial Basics, this one hour class covers all the foundational skills and gives you a taste of all three aerial apparatus on offer. Once you have conquered these skills, you can then move on to a class focusing on an discipline of your choice.

Classes available for both adults and children


Separate classes are run for Adults and Youth:

  • Adults: 16 and up
  • Youth: 9 – 15 year olds

Primary school students between the ages of 5 and 8 years who want to focus on Aerial skills should enrol in Aerial Prep



Aerial Basics fees are charged per term and are calculated on the number of scheduled sessions. At $32 per session, the cost of a 10-week term works out to $320