The Circus Spot’s in-house Aerial competition

On March 28th & 29th we will be holding our first ever competition and we would love you to be involved.

Lift Off  2020 is a celebration of our students and their hard work. We have put together this event to encourage our Aerial students to challenge themselves in a new direction.

Students who register for Lift Off 2020 will work on refining and polishing their skills, and explore the process of creating their own performance piece.

Students must register to perform by December 10th, 2019.

If you are currently training Tissu, Trapeze or Aerial Hoop at The Circus Spot, are in a level 2 class or higher, and at least 12 years old, you are eligible to take part.

If performing isn’t your thing, there are lots of other ways to get involved! Perhaps you are a local business who would like to donate a prize, or you can come and support our performers by being a fabulous audience member. Come and watch our amazing Aerial students LIFT OFF to great new heights!


please read this thoroughly before registering in Lift Off 2020

What dates and times are the competition?

28th & 29th March – these will be afternoon performances (exact times to be confirmed, though roughly around 1:30pm – 3:30pm)

Where will the competition be held?

At The Circus Spot

Which day will I be performing on?

You can enter a preference with your registration, but the schedule will be announced closer to the day.

What are the awards?

Below are some of the awards that will be handed out:

Best technique

  • The student executes all moves exactly as taught in The Circus Spot’s curriculum (transitions excluded)
  • The student has included interesting transitions
  • The student has a movement quality that is outstanding
  • The student has paid attention to line, and to extending through arms, legs and head

Best storytelling

  • Will you remember this story?
  • Do all skills and transitions, props and costume contribute to the story?
  • Is the story meaningful to you personally or important in a cultural or political context?

Fabulous Flair

  • Does this act make you want to get up and cheer or dance?
  • Does the choreography make you smile?
  • Does the performer get the audience clapping?

How old do you need to be to compete?

You must be at least 12 years old

When is the due date for registration?

10th December

How long should my act be?

Between 4 – 5mins

Can I perform with other people?


You can perform in a solo or pair.

We are not accepting trios or higher for this competition. We are not allowing ‘extras’ (eg people on the ground) for this competition.

What tricks are allowed?

You need to nominate which level you will be competing at (eg. Tissu Level 6-7). You may choose to compete at a level lower than what you are enrolled for at The Circus Spot. 90% of the skills for your routine must come from those Levels. All skills must be drawn from The Circus Spot’s curriculum.

You will be required to submit a skills list before the competition detailing any skills included in your performance.

Can I practice during class time?


You can practice during the ‘routine’ or ‘show off practice’ part of your regular class.

You can also practise during selected Supervised Training sessions where we will have someone who can answer questions and assist with your routine. Please note that Youth Students may also attend these sessions. These sessions will be on:

  • Febuary 9th
  • Febuary 23rd
  • March 8th
  • March 22nd

These sessions are optional

Can I have props?

Yes, but they must be able to be set up in under 30 seconds

Will there be any special lights?

No, the performances will be during the day and so we will just have the normal space lights.

Can I use my own aerial equipment?

No, you must use The Circus Spot’s equipment.

Do I need to use a mat?

Yes, all performers will be required to use crashmats.

How much is it to enter?

$50 per performer.

Is my fee refundable if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, no.

Do I need to organise my own costume?

You don’t have to have a costume, you can just wear training gear. If you would like to wear a costume, you can hire one from The Circus Spot or purchase one of your own. You will be required to rehearse in your costume leading up to the performance so please organise this early.