Help your students run away to the circus

Workshops specially designed for schools and groups

Are you looking for a unique and exciting activity for your students?

Do you want to inspire and challenge your students both artistically and physically?

Do you worry that some students are alienated by traditional sports?

Would you like to find new ways for your class to work together?

Did you know….

  • Circus training is a non-competitive activity, suitable for all fitness levels.
  • As well as developing coordination, fitness and strength, learning circus skills promotes confidence and student engagement, which will continue in the classroom long after the activity is over.
  • Presenting your students with a challenging activity such as circus skills promotes enthusiasm and motivation in other aspects of their school lives.
  • There is an expectation for teachers to deliver a diverse range of experiences and activities, and we can assist you to offer this effectively.

How we can help you

The Circus Spot provides a safe, fun way for students to challenge their ideas about what they are capable of achieving. Our programs are devised to bring out the best from your students and are run by highly experienced coaches who uphold the utmost standard in circus coaching. Learning circus skills is exciting and challenging for both high school and primary school ages.

Incursion or excursion?

You choose! We can come to you, or you can bring your group to our dedicated circus training space in Pascoe Vale.

All our workshops include:

  • Exciting circus skills and activities.
  • Highly skilled and experienced circus coaches and all the necessary equipment.
  • Flexibility to come to your venue, or welcome you to our Circus Training Centre in Pascoe Vale.
  • Personalised instruction in acrobatics, balancing, juggling, hula hoops, tumbling* and trapeze*.
  • Compliance with the highest safety standards.
  • Planning and design to maximise students’ enjoyment, learning and sense of achievement.
  • A tailored plan for the age and needs of your group.
  • Coverage of $20,000,000 public liability insurance.

* Trapeze and Tumbling are only available at our Circus Training Centre in Pascoe Vale.

Planning a concert?

We take the stress out of creating your end of year performance, as well as teaching your students circus skills, our coaches craft it into a fun and engaging performance