Serious Circus

Serious Circus is an advanced program for students who demonstrate a strong skill level and high level of commitment and focus

The Serious Circus program is a commitment of 2 sessions per week comprising of:

Additionally, students in Circus Up! classes are invited to take part in our annual student showcase “A Smorgasbord of Circus”. This year our student showcase will be held over two shows on September 7th and 8th.

What do students learn in Circus Up!?

Circus Up! sessions focus on 3 main skill areas:

  • Tumbling
  • Acrobalance
  • Manipulation (Juggling, Hula Hooping, Walking Globe, Rolla Bolla)

Circus Up! Also includes strength training, which compliments skills development in a speciality class. However, Circus Up! does not include aerial training such as Trapeze.

How much does Serious Circus cost?

Students in Serious Circus receive a discount of 15% on the 2nd enrolment.

Serious Circus fees are based on the classes that students enrol in. The cost of Circus Up! classes are the same as your current Circus Extra class. Specialty classes usually work out to $250 for a ten-week term.

There are no membership fees for the Serious Circus program. However, students taking part in the Smorgasbord performance are charged a $50 fee for rehearsal and costuming (The Circus Spot provide the costumes).

Is there a payment plan option?

YES! Students who take two classes a week are able to use a payment plan. This allows you to spread your fees over 4 payments.

The initial payment is a $50 deposit at the time of booking, and the balance of your fees are evenly spread over 3 monthly payments starting at the beginning of term.
*students on the payment plan do not receive a 2nd class discount

What if we can’t commit to 2 classes per week?

If you cannot commit to the time or financial requirements of the Serious Circus program, but you want your child to continue to be challenged, the following class choices would be suitable:

  • Tissu Level 1
  • Aerial Hoop Level 2
  • Trapeze Level 2
  • Tumbling Level 2
  • Circus Up!

A note on our youth performance troupe (Mini Spots and Little Spots)

If your child is looking to join Mini Spots or Little Spots in the future, the Serious Circus program will introduce them to a more significant commitment to training. Mini Spots and Little spots train a minimum of 3 and 4 sessions a week respectively.

Selections to be a part of our youth troupes are held each year in Term 4. One of the considerations for new troupe members is that they have a demonstrated history of training at least twice per week.