Tissu training (also known as Aerial Silks) is a dynamic and challenging way to build strength and improve fitness. 

A Tissu is made from super strong fabric that can be climbed in many ways! Once the basic wraps and climbs are mastered, you will be challenged by a variety of “drops” and descents.

The only pre-requisite for new students is determination and a positive attitude.

As well as Tissu, students can also learn skills in Aerial Hoop, Trapeze and Acrobatics. Coaches at The Circus Spot are versed in the Circus Training Australia method, ensuring you are receiving the most up-to-date aerial experience possible. Safety and fun are top priorities!

Both adults and youth (9 years and up) who are new to Tissu start in a Level 1 class
*Level 1 tissu is also included in Aerial Basics for adults.

Want to see what Tissu looks like? Watch a video here

If you are a new student at The Circus Spot, you can try your first class free.  Just fill in your details below to book in for your complimentary first session.