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Tissu (Aerial Silks)

Also known as aerial silks, a tissu is made from super strong fabric that can by climbed in many ways! Once the basic wraps and climbs are mastered, you will be challenged by a variety of "drops" and descents. Students who are new to Tissu start in a class called...

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Aerial Hoop

The Aerial Hoop is a steel ring, suspended from a single point. It can be used statically or spinning. Aerial Hoop training incorporates building on and developing a flow of movement as well as strength and flexibility. Basic skills on the hoop share similarities to static trapeze.

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Tumbling classes at The Circus Spot have a focus on floor tumbling. Beginners and intermediate students work towards solidifying basic skills such as front handsprings, round offs and walk overs. Our advanced class focus in on harder skills such as back handsprings...

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Students who are new to Trapeze start in a class called Aerial Basics. This is a term long course where students learn the fundamental skills in Aerial Hoop, Tissu (Aerial Silks) and Trapeze. To find out more about Aerial Basics, click here to head over to the Aerial...

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