Student Policies

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What to bring to a class at The Circus Spot?

Come in comfortable stretchy clothes such as leggings, shorts and t-shirts. Bring a water bottle and a hair tie if you have long hair. All classes are barefoot, so footwear is not required.

Jewellery is not to be warn during class. Do not wear clothing with zips while training. Jewellery and zippers can damage circus equipment; rings and necklaces can cause accidents if snagged while training.

If it is your first time at The Circus Spot, please arrive at least 10 minutes early, as you will need to complete paperwork. This will also give you time to get acquainted with the space before the start of class.

Student responsibilities

  • Follow your coaches’ instructions at all times.
  • Arrive early so that you can start your class on time.
  • Let your coach know if you are uncertain about anything.
  • Let your coach know if you have any medical conditions / injuries that may affect your participation in class.
  • Check in with your coach if you want to try something new.
  • Do not teach tricks to other students.
  • Do not use your phone during a class. Phones can be distraction to you and your classmates, and can affect your safety.

Class sizes are limited. In order to ensure a place we recommend you book early.

  • The Circus Spot takes enrolments on a term-by-term basis.
  • Places are only secured when a deposit of $50 towards each enrolment has been made.
  • Deposits are not refundable after the start of term.
  • Fees must be paid in full by the first class of term*
  • The Circus Spot does not offer reduced fee’s if you intend to miss any classes during the term
  • Students are not automatically re-enrolled for subsequent terms.
  • When enrolments open for the upcoming term, there is a 2-week period for current students to receive preference when enrolling in their current class (day, time and level only).
  • Re-enrolment notices are sent via email, and displayed on noticeboards at The Circus Spot

*Excluding students on the Aerial Addiction payment plan

The Circus Spot has the following payment options:

  • In person with Cash, Card (EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard)
  • Direct Deposit

Refunds and Cancellations

The Circus Spot does not offer refunds for missed classes; a change of mind or any other reason after the start of term.

Refunds will only be given if notification is received in writing before the first class of term.

If a student needs to cancel an enrolment for medical reasons after the start of term, a credit may be given at the discretion of The Circus Spot.

If you have to cancel your enrolment for a medical reason, please notify The Circus Spot in writing (verbal communication will not suffice). A medical certificate must be provided. Any credits will only be given for the remaining classes after the date that your written notification has been received.

Missed classes

Subject to availability we do our best to offer make up sessions for missed classes.

Students must make a booking to attend make-up classes. Please don’t arrive for a make-up class without booking, as there may not be space.

  • Make up classes are limited to 2 per calendsr month.
  • Make up classes cannot be booked more than 7 days in advance.
  • For more information about the process of arranging a make up class please read this post in our student portal

Although we will do our best to accommodate students for make up classes, these are not guaranteed.

The Circus Spot reserves the right to withhold make up opportunities for any reason at any time.

Late arrivals

Students arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of class are only permitted to train at the discretion of The Circus Spot. Late students may be required to do their own warm up. Please ask a coach for the “How to warm yourself up sheet” which will guide you through your warm up.

Photography & Video

Photography/video is permitted under the following conditions:

  • Check with the coach first.
  • Do not take photos of coaches or students without their permission*.
  • Do not post photos of coaches or students to social media without their permission*.
  • Do not distract any students while taking photos, as this can compromise safety and focus in class.
  • If a coach or anyone else asks you to not take photos, please respect their wishes.

*if the student is a minor, you need the permission of their parent / legal guardian.

Promotional photos and videos

On occasion we take promotional photos or videos during class time that may be used on our website or on social media. Please advise The Circus Spot in writing if you do not want photographs of you or your child to be used.


Off street parking is available in the car park at the front of The Circus Spot.

On-street parking is unlimited along Essex St, but please be mindful of our neighbors.

Youth classes

Pick ups and drop offs

You are welcome to choose to stay and watch your child’s class, or to drop them off and return at the end. If you are leaving your child for the class please ensure that you return on time, as we are unable to supervise your child after their session is over.

During class time

We would like all children to be able to fully focus on the skills and relationships they’re building in our classes. In order to do this we also need the support of parents, guardians and family. To ensure your child gets the most from their time in class, please be mindful of the following:

  • Do not instruct, discipline or otherwise distract your child during class time. This helps them to understand that the person responsible for their behaviour during circus time is their coach.
  • If you have other children / siblings waiting with you, please ensure they remain in the waiting area. Only participants and coaches are permitted in the training space.

Sibling discounts

We offer a sibling discount of 10% on the second and third child enrolled from the same immediate family.

Children and hot weather

During summer The Circus Spot makes use of an evaporative cooler to keep the training space comfortable. However, we also put the following steps in place when the heat is more intense:

The following heat policy will come into effect when the reported temperature is 30 degrees or higher:

  • Our coaches will modify the planned activities to be less strenuous. There may be more focus on skills such as juggling and hula hooping.
  • Regular drink breaks will be taken every 15 minutes.
  • The evaporative cooler, and fans will be used in the training space.

When the reported temperature is 35 degrees or higher, the following policy will also apply:

  • Attendance will be at the parent’s discretion.
  • Make up classes will be offered for those who do not attend (subject to availability).

Asthma & Anaphylaxis (students under 18 years old)

It is a condition of your child’s enrolment that should they have either of these medical conditions we require the following:

  • A copy of their Medical Action Plan with a recent photo of the child attached
  • Their puffer or Epipen (with their name clearly legible) to be placed into the white medical cabinet in the training space for the duration of their class each week

Open Training

Open training sessions are only available for students who currently enrolled in a Level 2 class or higher and at least 16 years of age. Senior youth troupe members (Little Spots) may also be permitted to attend open training if approved by a senior coach.

By attending open training, you agree to the following policies:

  • You must complete an appropriate warm up before commencing circus skills.
  • You must follow any instructions made by staff from The Circus Spot.
  • Only attempt skills that you have been training during class time at The Circus Spot.
  • Only attempt skills that have already been working on in class time at The Circus Spot. This excludes skills you may have trained at another circus school.
  • Do not operate rigging under any circumstances.
  • Do not teach or coach other student’s new skills. But do help others if they need reminding about something a skill they are already working on.
  • An appropriate crash mat must be used at all times – please be proactive in moving mats when necessary.
  • Do not spot other students – if you still need spotting for a skill, please work on this with your coach during regular class time.

Please do not ask other students to teach you new skills, as it can be uncomfortable for them to have to refuse you. Remember it takes time and experience to learn to safely coach people.

OPEN TRAINING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK – The Circus Spot is not responsible for any injuries or accidents incurred while taking part in open training.

The supervisor on duty is there to make sure you are safe, and may be able to offer some help if the session isn’t too busy, however if you require more involved support with your skills, please work on this in your regular class time.

Exercise common sense and work within your limits. If you are unsure about what you are doing, stop and ask the supervisor.

Acknowledgement of Risk

A Student Details and Acknowledgement of Risk form must be completed in full, prior to the commencement of any activities at The Circus Spot – a copy of this form can be downloaded here

By taking part in any activity at The Circus Spot, participants (or their legal guardians) agree to the following acknowledgement of risk:

– I am the participant or their legal guardian (if under 18 years old)
– The activity involves a risk of physical harm.
– The participant may be injured in performing the activity.
– Other people may injure the participant in the course of performing the activity.
– The participant may cause injury to other people in performing the activity.
– I have disclosed any pre-existing medical or other condition that may affect the participant’s risk or ability to engage in the activity.
– The Circus Spot relies on the information provided by the participant and I; and I state that all such information is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete.
– I have not relied upon any advice, provided by The Circus Spot in deciding to:
    (a) Allow the participant to participate in the Activity; and
    (b) Sign this document.

I acknowledge, agree to and voluntarily assume all risks involved, of harm, injury or damage in participating in the activity.

I agree to wholly indemnify The Circus Spot, its employees and contractors from any liability arising out of injury, loss or damage caused to me as a result of participation in the activity.

I agree to comply with all rules and directions made or given by The Circus Spot and its employees and contractors in connection with the activity.

I give permission to The Circus Spot to seek medical attention at my expense in the event that I am injured.

I acknowledge and agree that The Circus Spots liability under the statutory right or any condition or warranty implied by the Fair Trading Act, (VIC) or the Trade Practices Act (Cth) or other relevant legislation is, to the extent permitted by law, excluded and does not apply to this contract in so far as they relate to liability for personal injury from the Activity.

Occasionally during classes and other activities run by The Circus Spot some promotional images are taken to be used on our Facebook page and on our website. We don’t identify participants by name without your permission. If  don’t want your photo taken, please let us know.